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300zx TT For Sale

Car details
Car details
Motor info
Performance Stage
Performance upgrades

This car has been well maintained which you will be able to tell by looking at the interior and the body of the car.  The car comes with an overhauled JDM motor.  The VG30DETT motors have been well known to have the dread loud lifter noise.  This motor has no lifter noise and idles smoothly.  All the replacement parts for the motor are described under the Motor Info link.  The Nismo injectors, Stillen turbos, suspension; including shocks, springs, and sway bars, cross drilled rooters and metal  matrix pads all have less than 14,000 miles.  The transmission has also been rebuilt. 

The car may be 16 years old but the A/C, heater, power seat, power heated mirrors, lights, cruise control, horn, cigarette lighter all work.  

With the lowered shocks and Enkei rims, this pearl white Z really stands out from most Zs.