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In this picture here, I'm heading towards the ramp with my legs bent a little bit to soak up some of the bump before the ramp. I also have my center of my foot over the foot peg and making sure that I have enough speed to clear the jump. Then I have my body in the center of the bike with my head right over the handlebars.


Now I have just taken off and shifted my body forward a little bit so that the front wheel won't get too high.  You can also notice in the picture that I'm siting down, I did this to preload the suspension, I'll talk about preloading the suspension in a later update.


Now I sat back down on the seat and Im ready to pull in the clutch.


Since my front tire is higher then my back tire and I want by bike to match up with the landing, Im going to pull in the clutch and lock my back tire up. This will cause the front of the bike to lower. I'm also starting to stand up so I can use my legs to soak up some of the landing.


On this jump, I went the right speed and lock up my back tire at the right time. So my back tire is a little lower then my front and the bike is matched up with the landing.


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